Is your home back-to-school ready?

You’ve checked off everything on the school supplies list, signed all the forms, and bought the perfect outfits for their first day photos… but is your home ready?

Back to school means back to early morning routines, after-school snacks, homework and more. Get your home ready and make those hectic mornings, frantic rushes to soccer practice, and last-minute science projects easier on your family with these quick tips!

  1. Create a homework space

Give your little ones a space they can be creative but focus – keep media equipment (TV’s, gaming systems) in another room if possible, and ensure all their supplies are accessible and organized. Keeping things organized helps them remember where everything is and encourages them to keep things tidy!

If you don’t have a designated work space, save your dining table another year of wear and consider a creative desk solution.

For the creative DIY-er, make something unique – even get the kids to help! For those on a budget, check out this great option to make something for under thirty dollars. Stuck on space? There are also lots of alternatives for small living areas.

  1. Organize snacks

Do you have a fridge full of food and still hear the “… but there’s nothing to eat!”? If so, consider organizing your pantry and fridge with snack baskets full of pre-prepared snacks for the week. Sit down with your family and create a big list of snacks – you can reference this list every week as you plan, instead of trying to come up with new ideas each week!

Packaging healthy snacks conveniently in an easy-to-find space ensures your family will have the fuel they need for after-school activities, homework and playdates with friends.

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  1. Schedule, schedule, schedule!

Make it easy for your family to know what’s going on with a shared calendar and message board. Each family can even write with a different coloured marker or pen to help you keep track of everyone’s activities.

You don’t have to use a traditional calendar! There are lots of creative options, so you can find what works for your family – like whiteboards, chalkboard paint, fabric-covered surfaces, and more.

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  1. Get your entryway ready

Your entryway is an important (and often overlooked) part of your home. An organized entryway can cut precious minutes off your frantic morning routine and help get your family out the door on time – with everything they need!

Having a place for everything helps eliminate the daily shedding of clothes, backpacks, jackets, dance shoes and more that pile up near the door. Talk with your kids about where they think things should go and find a solution that works for your family.

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Use all your space vertically with floor cubbies, baskets, and hanging organizers. When stuff starts to pile up, it’s easy to throw more on top. Make sure everything has a place to go and use hooks and shelves where needed for those special items – like backpacks.

At Cameron Homes, we are proud to build for your family, and we’re with you every step of the way as you make your new house a home. Do you have tips on how you made your Cameron home more back-to-school friendly? Share them with us!